Multi Line Slots

Multi line slot machines are slots that have more than 3 reels and have multiple pay lines. The pay-lines can run anywhere from three to twenty five. Usually the pay-lines are horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. This gives you more ways to win, but know that playing this type of machine does not necessarily mean you will end up winning more money in the end. This does mean that you have more chances to win because there is more room for a winning combination to come up.

There are several different types of the multi line slot machines, all of the most popular games can be found on this type of game. When you choose to play a multi line slot machine you give yourself the choice of how many lines to play. You can play the minimum or the maximum, if you play the max you will have a better chance of getting a winning hand.

Recently the gambling community has come up with multi line bonus slot machines that raise the chance of you winning even more. With this they bring different combinations of symbols that offer the player either the chance to play a bonus round or bonus points for those certain combinations.

Treasure Box

The Treasure Box is one of the best multi line slot machines online today. It is fast paced and very fun to play. It offers 4 pay lines and hold reels which let you hold what you want and re-spin. There are wild symbols and great winning combinations on this game that make it exciting to play. It also has a bonus feature that lets you set your own jackpot and win if you get the right combination of symbols. This game is so exciting because of the many different ways you can win big.

Forbidden Fruit

The multi line slot game Forbidden Fruit is a great game to play. It is a three reel, five pay-line slot machine that has a top jackpot at 1000 coins. There is also a separate lower jackpot of 800 coins. There are eight different winning symbol combinations. This is a very high quality game with great graphics and even more fun. There are many different symbols on this game mostly including the loved fruits. In conclusion this game is fun to play, has awesome graphics and is right up there with the best multi line slots online.

Goblins Gold

Do you ever feel like there is something inside your slots game? Well Goblins Gold is one place there is something, but never fear this goblin is one that you would love to see because it loves giving away money. This game is a three reel three pay-line slot machine that offers a total jackpot of 6000 coins. There are many different winning combinations and even more with the wild goblins. This is a good game to play if you are a beginner or a novice slots player, it is fun and exciting.

Rolls Royce

Unlike the real Rolls Royce everybody can afford to play Reels Royce. This slot game is sure at the front of the line as far as slots go. Reels Royce is a three reel three pay line slot machine that has a top jackpot of 4000 coins with 9 different winning combinations. This game offers the top jackpot only on the third pay-line so you don’t have to bet the maximum to win the big jackpot. That makes this game so much fun to play even if you don’t have to money to spend that it normally takes to win the jackpot.