History of Slot Machines

Slot machines were invented in 1887 by a man named Charles Fey in San Francisco. They were manufactured by hand and put in local gambling establishments on a 50% rental basis. Contrary to popular belief the first machines were not bulky or big, they were very much like the slot machines that we have today. When the slot machines first came out they did not have the fruit symbols that are common today.

Not only was Charles Fey the inventor of the slot machines he was the first one to sell and distribute them. The first machine was called the Liberty Bell and the symbols included such things as bells, horseshoes, a star, and the images of playing cards. Charles Fey provided the world with what has become one of the biggest things to hit gambling. You can go and see the very first slot machine in Reno at the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant. The first machine could bring you a profit of up to 20 coins for the right combination of symbols. Every person that was present when it was revealed thought it would be a great success.

In 1907 Charles Fey decided to join forces with the Mills Novelty Company and together they made the Mills Liberty Bell. Then in 1910 the Mills Company introduced a new slot machine called the Operator Bell, this is the first slot machine to have to famous fruit symbols. From the very first slot machine the Fey invented they had all been cast iron, which made them very heavy to move to local casinos. In 1915 the first wood cabinet slot machine was invented. This made it much easier to deliver to different businesses.

In the early 1930’s the Mills company decided to make the machines more appealing to the players. They came out with a series of cabinet designs all with their own themes. These new machines were new and colorful and very enticing to players. During the 1930’s the use of slot machines jumped throughout the whole country.

Originally the reason for the presence of slot machines in casinos was entertainment for wives and girlfriends of the high rollers. Much to the surprise of the casino owners the revenue from the slot machines exceeded the table games. Today slot machines generate over two thirds of the entire income from casinos in the United States. Right from the beginning slot machines were a great success and continue to be today. Slot machines alone make over $300 million a year. Today nickel and quarter machines are by far the most popular. They account for well over half of the reel action each year. What started out as an invention from a mechanic in the 1800’s has now become one of the most popular sensations ever to hit the gambling world. This machine has come very far and continues to grow to new heights each year.

Brief History of Slot Machines

Charles Fey gave birth to SLOTS in 1887. The game’s popularity quickly grew and soon casino gambling destinations were offering them to their patrons. His first machine, The Liberty belle, can be seen today at the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno Nevada. By 1910, Fey had teamed up with Mills Company to start mass producing the games. As technology improved, so did the popularity of slots. By the 1930’s they were across the entire country. The original purpose for slots in the casinos was to entertain the female companions of the high rollers. Naturally the casino’s were surprised to see that more revenue was generated from the slots than from the table games. These days they account for approximately 66% of the revenues generated from casinos within the US. Nickel slot machines and Quarter slot machines are by far the most popular.