Poker History That Sounds Like Fairly Tales

Poker History

Poker history has no real documentation about that roots and stems of the game; however, there is a superficial idea about the branches of the game and a scattered documentation of various kinds of card games from which poker should have evolved. The poker history for tomorrow has more than enough documentation ranging from the related poker products sold in the stalls through each event played in the game.

Interestingly, the poker blogs are recording elements that can serve to be important poker history pages of tomorrow. Most poker players have their poker blogs where they write a lot of their personal mental waves from the games they played. Such writings of players about their own feelings is a bonus plus for the poker history of tomorrow.

From any regular commentary or review it is possible to just arrive at a third party idea about any poker game being played, but when the player narrates his feelings throughout the play, that can help a lot in arriving at the psychological drama that can trigger any kind of poker strategy decision in any play.

Poker history has such personal documentations of several poker players from the books that they have written and also from their personal diaries, the disadvantage of this is that those players that tend to loose did not document their feelings anywhere or that it was impossible to arrive at the mind waves of majority of non famous players. Today, it is possible to document the views and ideas of every player regardless of whether they are pros or cons in the play.

The blog idea is something that does not need a very high language skill, which in turn is an added bonus for writers to write without fearing their language skill! Every poker player can create a biography of their own, which in turn is going to be a huge database of player psychology and player idea recording in poker history which will be massively useful for poker research in the future.

Poker history that sounds like fairly tales like it was played in the river side and in the gardens of the kings is of no use. Biographies written by poker players about poker itself is the only thing that is truly valuable in poker history for future need. It makes no difference if poker was played in the palace or in the streets, skill is what that counts from the days of poker history though today.