Wins And Loss In Poker Dark Ages

A lot of poker history records demonstrate matters of luck, nerve and stamina associated with poker. Poker can be seducing by an occasional big payoff with a bold and risky move and it can also contain unforgettable series of bad beats. In cases where the result has been a good payoff it can be quite tempting to be playing over again and this is true with almost every player of poker right from records in poker history thorough the current day poker games.

There have been repeated warnings from the poker history books about the psychology of playing poker out of temptation. The consequence can be indeed a loss. Poker players must play well in a way to replicate on the threat of chasing rather than fascination. They should learn to be playing after being aware of the pros and cons rather than playing by the temptation of just the pros.

All of us would prefer to create a poker history that has lot of wins and less of loss. We would definitely love to win in short term poker, but what will be very attractive is with being able to win in long term poker. Ideally, we will have to realize that our long term winnings will be recorded in bold prints in poker history and in many cases the short winnings will be forgotten. Long term consistent poker winnings will make one notable in history.

The target of poker has been to win money, but truly only those that have had a target to be making a series of correct decisions have been able to record their names in poker history. It is indeed a great goal to be making correct decisions every time to create a page for yourself in poker history rather than a target to win money every time. There can be nothing bad like winning money with an exceptional strategy that will not win money in the long run; rather you must have a sequence of plans and strategy that will win money in the long run.

Every time if you are going to concentrate on how you are playing and not on how you are winning, you will notice that winning is automatically magnetized to your play concentrated on playing each card right. A momentary winning of money by playing wrong can be quite pleasing, but this can be disastrous if you are going to wrong believe that it will work all the time.